Zalifah & Jeremiah

Scream 4 Mental Wellness_edited.jpg

Zalifah used to stand at the overhead bridge across the CTE and scream when things got tough. She remembers how good it felt to let out all her frustrations and concluded that screaming is good for her mental health. Currently on crutches and yet to regain her full mobility, nothing will stop Zalifah from doing her part to raise funds to support CAL's work and advocate for mental wellness, because she too is a caregiver.

To Jeremiah, screaming out loud to destress may come across as embarrassing and awkward to others. Similarly, caregivers caring for loved ones with mental health issues face stigma and may hesitate to seek help. A SCREAM can be a cry for help and support. As such, Jeremiah would like to do his part to raise funds to support CAL's work in advocating for caregivers and their mental wellness while encouraging them they are not alone.

Together, Zalifah & Jeremiah will SCREAM 4 Mental Wellness. On 7 May, for every $100 donated, the duo will walk 1 km at ECP and/or for every $50 donated, they will shout a phrase related to mental wellness/health on a breakwater with all their might.

M E N T A L  W E L L N E S S  C H A M P I O N S