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Seeding Support for Caregivers

What do caregivers need? According to our colleagues who spend a lot of time with caregivers, it's fresh air, nutritional food and some good fortune! 

With this in mind, the Central Cluster lead by Evelyn Chng, comprising Jeremiah Woo, Cindy Tan, Ivy Yap and Bon Zhai Kun, joined forces with Zalifah Ibrahim (Communications) and Yin Feng (Volunteer Management) to give caregivers just that.

Of the lot, only Evelyn has green fingers, so the rest of the self-proclaimed "plant killers" contributed by buying some of the plants, snapping photographs to track their growth, and scouting for donors to adopt their 12 pots to raise funds for mental wellness and caregivers.  


If you need more reasons to support them, hear about their choices of plants and motivation behind their efforts...

"We grew 2 pots of Basil, Mint, Mugwort and Thai Coriander each so that whoever adopts them can also make Thunder Rice (Lei Cha 擂茶) which is a yummy and nutritional meal." 

"We propagated 4 pots of Ingot plant so that we can bless caregivers, particularly those facing financial challenges, with some good fortune." 

"Caregivers feel stressed caring for their loved ones. As we potted these plants, we wanted our efforts to convey our hope for caregivers to prioritise their own mental, emotional and physical health." 

The 12 pots are looking for loving homes - any takers?


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