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Plant Care 101

Kathleen Chia sprang into action to conduct a tutorial at the Dawson Community Garden for her colleagues who were clueless about plants, yet “Caring for plants” was the theme picked for C4MW 2024!

One sunny Saturday morning, a dozen of us comprising 3 seasoned gardeners from Dawson, 3 caregivers living nearby, and 6 CAL staff rolled up our sleeves, loosened soil, scattered seeds, and planted pots of Cai Xin, Spinach and Indian Borage. Gardening novice and CAL staff Wong Mei Ching had fun: “This is my first time planting! Can’t wait to see my spinach in the white pot!”. 


What a great morning being in great company for a good cause, and getting some green exercise too! Even the giant spider and Changeable Lizard who joined us agreed. All in a day’s work!


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