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My Dog Killed My Plant

Song Jie had high hopes and dreams for his small money plant. He put it in a pot, watered it daily and lovingly watched it grow. “Oh, its reached a healthy size now, ready to propagate!” he thought to himself, proud of his work.

As his dog, Yumi, watched from afar, he plotted his masterplan. We know not of why Yumi had murderous intent, perhaps, it was because Song Jie did not bring him out to walk the night before (depriving him of “Engaging in Green Exercise” - dogs have mental health too)!

But alas, Yumi climbed on Song Jie’s table, and dragged the entire pot to the floor. He then proceeded to eat the leaves and soil. 

Although Song Jie tried to save his plant, it would most likely not be ready for C4MW. But its alright, he can take Yumi out for a walk instead. 


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