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Made-To-Order Succulents Sold Out In 5 Minutes

Snatch them up while you can, because our succulents run out in record speed! 

It all began when Pauline, with her penchant for all things green, returned to the office with some succulents and decorative stands. The plants immediately caught the attention of colleague, Karen, who suggested selling the succulent sets for our CAL 4 Wellness Campaign.

Upon hearing this, Jerry, another charming colleague, took it upon himself to spread the word. He swiftly composed a message on the office group chat, along with captivating pictures of the succulents. Within 5 minutes, all 9 sets of the plants, yours with a donation of $100 each, were sold out. Another 6 sets were snapped up within an afternoon - just another day in the CAL office during fundraising months. Thanks to caregivers, colleagues, and board members who adopted these pretty little things for a good cause. 


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