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JOYful plants cared for by JOY

Joy is the friendly face and voice that greets caregivers and guests coming through CAL’s doors. But mostly, Joy works behind the scenes supporting programme managers who conduct our C2C training programmes. From preparing hard copies of the lesson materials so that participants can easily make notes during class, to capturing class participants’ feedback before and after attending the 12-week course, Joy gets us organised and is a gem in our office.

The Ops & Admin colleague however, is not as confident in the garden, where she confesses she is a novice. But when a kind and thoughtful colleague gifted Joy with two plants so she too could play a part in raising funds through “Caring for Plants”, Joy took up the challenge. When not manning the office reception and performing other admin tasks, Joy pops over to the office windowsill. Basked in Joy’s tender care, it’s no wonder her two pots are growing well and looking like her namesake, joyful plants! 


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