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Growing Catnip For My Cat

Working abroad in China and the US for 8 years, it was a new meaning to life that called, Teri See, ITC  Manager at CAL, back home.

Teri was one of the pioneers of CAL’s humble beginnings when CAL only had a single static web page and a tiny office space in Yishun. Stoked about how much she could contribute, she started work the very next day after her interview.

At home, Teri is a caregiver to her cat, the second Gosti in her life. The first belonged to her landlord in Zurich, that Teri spent many days observing. Gosti would leave the house through a pet door to graze in the garden, and being too clumsy and overweight, would have to wait for someone to let him back in. As that memory stuck with Teri, she got a Gosti of her own from a stranger on Facebook.

And now, Teri would do anything for her cat - even grow it catnip - a plant that induces happy hormones in cats! But as playful Gosti feels happier not eating them, preferring beef and tuna, Teri has decided to grow Catnip for other cats instead. Be the lucky one to adopt them (catnip, not the cat) for our CAL 4 Mental Wellness Campaign this year, in support of caregivers and mental health.


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