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Adele Plant Sings “Aloe”

ALOE [Hello] from the other side…” says Annie, our Volunteer Manager at CAL, who’s greeting you from the other side of the screen!

She must have planted a thousand times, she continues, saying that her plants never flourished, as she’s not much of a gardener - though she’s always admired those who grew edible plants. Knowing this, one of our kind and thoughtful colleagues, surprised Annie under her block with an aloe vera plant and the two types of mint in a single pot. “It’s my double mint plant,” says Annie excitedly, “I love mint so much, I even made some honey mint water to drink!”

The plants also came with a loving tip from the colleague to be watered only two spoonfuls a day. Now a month on, Annie has not one, but two thriving plant pots, all ready to be adopted for our CAL 4 Mental Wellness campaign! Is the secret to growing plants to thrive on the gift of friendship and continue to sing it Adele daily?


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