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82-year-old Grandpa Grows 100 Pots of Money Plants for Mental Health

Three generations came together to help this year’s C4MW ‘Caring for Plants’ campaign - thank you Ye Ye, Dad & Mum and Kristyn! Ye Ye in particular was keen to help his granddaughter with her “homework”. In addition to propagating 100 pots of his favourite plant, he also offered to transport them to the World Ageing Festival 2024, where Kristyn and colleagues would fundraise from a booth in the silver entrepreneurship section of the annual event focusing on successful ageing. How apt! 

For the past few weeks, Kristyn and Ye Ye have grown even closer, bonding over these pots, adding figurines and colourful pebbles sourced expertly by the younger Chan, who is equally passionate about her work. When not planting, Kristyn shares that Ye Ye enjoys “caring for fish and birds”. What a cute pair they make! May those who adopt these plants for mental wellness enjoy the endearing and special bonds in the Chan family.


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