Karen & Mary, Team CAL Staff

Karen Poh, Volunteer Manager

Ms Karen Poh is currently a Volunteer Manager at Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL). Karen has intimate knowledge and experience caring for her son who suffered from depression. With the help and support from the network of caregivers and staff from CAL, she was able to rebalance her life. For the last six years, she has passionately worked in CAL as a volunteer and staff to journey with other caregivers, equipping and empowering them through training and support.

How long have you worked at CAL?

As a volunteer from 2015 -2017, and staff 2017 to date.

What do you love most about your job?

Able to connect with another caregiver and journey with them in their times of need.

Please say a few words to your Caregivers to ask for their support.

Your generosity will enable CAL to reach out to more caregivers. Your good deed will brighten a dark world. So please, share this with your friends and together we can light up the lives of caregivers.

Mary Yip, Programme Manager

Ms Mary Yip is a Programme Manager at Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL). She was caring for her younger brother with schizophrenia when she was referred to CAL’s C2C Programme in 2012. She then became a skilled Volunteer Trainer from 2012 to 2016, co-facilitating the C2C Programme, including the programme’s very first Mandarin class. Witnessing the positive impact that the C2C Programme brings to caregivers, Mary decided to join CAL as a full-time staff in 2017.

叶宝珠(Mary) 是照顾者联盟(CAL)的项目经理。2012年,她在照顾患有精神分裂症的弟弟的过程中,报名了CAL的照顾者互助培训课程(C2C) 。她毕业于2012年第一批以英文授课的照顾者培训课程,后来成为第一位华文班的义工培训导师。从2012至2016年当了五年的义工导师,见证C2C对照顾者的生活带来希望及正面的影响,让Mary决定在2017年加入成为全职员工,继续把正能量和希望带给其他的照顾者。

How long have you worked at CAL? | 您在照顾者联盟工作多久了?

I volunteered at CAL from 2012 -2016, and joined as a staff since 2017.


What do you love most about your job? | 身为项目经理,您对工作最钟爱的是什么?

The difference we make in caregivers' life and the changes I see in them after they have completed the C2C Programme, which can be seen especially from their heartfelt sharing at the end of the course. It is an important factor for me to uphold my passion till now.


Please say a few words to your Caregivers to ask for their support. | 请向您的照顾者们说几句话,寻求他们的支持

If you have benefited from C2C like me, and believe in CAL’s mission to reach out to as many caregivers as we can, please kindly help share this campaign with your network and donate generously to fulfil our meaningful goal of walking for mental wellness and caregiving!

如果你像我一样从C2C课程受益,并且相信CAL的使命,请与你的亲朋戚友分享此活动, 并慷慨解囊 ,以实现我们一起为心理健康与照顾者一同步行的目标!