Sok Leng & Debbie, HSBC

Sok Leng and Debbie have been Ambassadors as part of the HSBC Caregivers Employee Resource Group. The Caregivers Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a subcommittee under the broader Balance Group. It is set up with the aim to provide support to caregivers in HSBC, reminding them that they are not alone in this journey. Apart from the 12-Week C2C Training Programme for Caregivers, HSBC also partnered with CAL in October 2020 to conduct a talk on mental health during the Mental Wellness Week.

Sok Leng is the lead for the Caregivers ERG, where she plans and communicates with the broader Balance Committee leaders and external vendors, to ensure the activities are aligned, and Debbie assists Sok Leng in liaising with external vendors and internal participants, ensuring smooth execution of her plans.

Debbie shared that while she is personally not a caregiver to anyone, joining the Caregivers ERG and listening to how their initiatives have helped staff have been a very gratifying experience as a whole.

  • (Left) Sok Leng Ang, Head of Credit Advisory, SEA, HSBC Private Banking and Caregiver Employee Resource Group Lead

  • (Right) Debbie Chua, Graduate Analyst, HSBC Private Banking and Caregiver Employee Resource Group Member

Could you share briefly how the HSBC-CAL partnership came about, and why HSBC has decided to champion mental wellness as a company?

The HSBC Singapore-Caregiver’s Alliance (CAL) partnership was introduced to us by a colleague who attended a jointly run CAL and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) course. It happened around the time we were looking for ideas that would help foster a caregiver support network among colleagues. Since we established the partnership, colleagues have participated in two rounds of the 12-week caregivers-to-caregivers (C2C) programme sponsored by HSBC Singapore who care for mental health patients. HSBC is very much committed to supporting mental wellbeing and certainly caring for a family member creates its own challenges. The Caregiver employee resource group aims to raise awareness which includes people managers to build a broader community of support within the bank.

In this time of remote working, have employee’s mental well-being found to be affected? And if so, what measures has the company put in place to support them?

HSBC is committed to mental well-being and provides all colleagues access to the Employee Assistance Programme which provides counselling support. The bank also encourages flexible work arrangements. In recognition of the unique demands placed on employees last year, all colleagues received one additional day of leave as a wellbeing day in 2021.

What does the HSBC team look forward to achieving from participating in W4MW?

The team looks forward to drawing attention to mental health and support the de-stigmatisation of mental illnesses. It takes a community to provide support and we’re proud to be a part of it.