Elaine Teo, Team Dawnwalkers for CAL

Led by CAL’s former Board Director Elaine Teo, The Dawnwalkers are so called because they will drag themselves out of bed and walk at dawn for CAL. The team of eight also includes Singapore comedian Hossan Leong.

Elaine served on the CAL Board of Directors from 2017 to 2019, and as Chair of the fundraising committee, was a key contributor to our fundraising efforts. Before her board appointment, Elaine had been a fundraiser volunteer with CAL since 2015 and was instrumental in organising our first Charity Dinner in 2016. She initiated the CAL-TENG Ensemble Charity Concert in 2019, which drew in the strong support of many and we were able to raise a substantial amount.

Elaine Teo is currently a Non-Executive and Independent Director of Olam International Limited, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd and GK Goh Holdings Ltd amongst others. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University.

The team welcomes any breakfast sponsorship offers.

Team Dawn Walkers setting out bright and early for their walk

What motivated you to be involved with CAL and to be an advocate for mental health?

Mental health is a significant under-the-radar challenge in our community, and because it isn’t addressed openly, caregivers to those of us coping with mental illness had little support before CAL came along. The prevalence of mental illness is such that I’m sure amongst our family and friends, we will find many quietly coping without sufficient support at home. CAL’s work is transformational in the possible outcomes for these families.

What do you wish to say to any caregivers who may be struggling with mental illness in the family?

Find time to go through CAL’s C2C programme. It helps you build up your own understanding and resilience, it helps you give better care, it brings you into a community of empathy and support.

What are your personal goals for this campaign?

Figure out how we can persuade people to sponsor us doing something (walking) we should be doing for our own good anyway!

Do you have any self-care tips to share?

Taking time in nature can be a huge boost and recharger; and our parks and nature reserves are treasures for everyone to enjoy.