Professor Chua Hong Choon, CEO, KTPH & Yishun Health

Professor Chua Hong Choon is the Chief Executive Officer of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Yishun Health. A psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience, Prof Chua was the former CEO of the Institute of Mental Health and continues to practice as a Senior Consultant there, and actively contributes in the field of mental health education.

KTPH has been supportive of Caregivers Alliance Limited’s work, referring caregivers in need to our programmes. Before COVID-19, they provided a space at KTPH Learning Centre for CAL to conduct our signature C2C Programmes, as well as a booth that enabled us to reach out to caregivers.

Prof Chua was appointed by the Ministry of Health last year as the Chair of the COVID-19 Mental Wellness Taskforce. He is also concurrently Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer (Clinical), National Healthcare Group where he advises and works with the Chairmen of Medical Boards of all healthcare institutions under NHG to drive clinical excellence across various medical specialties, including for mental health.

2020 was a challenging year for many. What are your thoughts about how it has changed conversations around mental wellness and self-care?

The increasing awareness and conversations about mental health is very encouraging, it means that people no longer take their mental health for granted, but want to know more about how to stay mentally healthy and resilient during difficult times. Mental resilience is like a vaccination against stress, once you develop it, you will be able to overcome challenges in the future.

How do you think we can further reduce stigma around mental health issues?

Learn and read more about mental health issues, meet and speak to those with a lived experience of mental illness, challenge our personal prejudices and biases, and share with others the mental health struggles we face … you will be amazed to find that you are not alone!

What do you wish to say to your supporters and caregivers who may be struggling with mental illness in the family?

Reach out for support and help, and always keep HOPE and LOVE alive; these are powerful healing forces when journeying with a loved one with mental health problems.

What are your personal goals for this campaign?

Just happy to do my part, to join the very illustrious groups of Mental Wellness Champions, and to support the good work of CAL! I will stretch myself to run as far as the donations dictate … I’m sure it will help me to build personal resilience and improve my mental health!