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  • How does the C4MW campaign work?
    From 19 June 2023, we invite anyone to start a sub-campaign on our page - doing anything you like that has mental health benefits! This could be anything from exercising, baking, singing, painting - it’s really up to you! The main objective is to rally your network of friends and supporters to donate and participate in the activity. Campaigns should end by 16 July 2023 but donation channels are open till 31 August 2023.
  • What are the funds for?
    Donations received from the campaign will be directed towards covering operational expenses and costs related to running programmes and providing continuous support to caregivers. Your contributions play a vital role in enabling us to offer these programmes at no cost to caregivers, ensuring that caregivers receive the assistance they need without any financial barriers.
  • I wish to start my own mini campaign. What are the rules?
    First, decide on an activity, your fundraising target and duration. Second, submit your sub-campaign application on our platform. Last but not least, rally your network to join you in supporting your cause! To amplify your efforts, don’t forget to tag us on the various social media channels - we’ll share them! Use our free templates and captions for fuss-free sharing. All donations will go directly to Caregivers Alliance Limited.
  • I have no time to start my own nor participate in the campaigns. Can I choose to donate to the cause?
    Yes! Simply head to our platform to make your donation. You may also refer to the list of running campaigns to select a campaign to donate to. All donations will go directly to Caregivers Alliance Limited.
  • What activities can I do?
    You can do anything, as long as they are legal and good for your mental health! Here are some suggestions to get you inspired: If you're an active person, take on distance-based activities! Run, cycle, or swim a specific distance for every $x amount donated. Channel your inner kindness hero by pledging to perform a good deed or act of kindness for each $x raised in your sub-campaign. Showcase your unique skills! Offer classes or events and contribute the proceeds to your sub-campaign. Attention business owners! Donate a portion of your earnings during the campaign period to CAL and make a difference. Community groups or organizations can invite CAL for a mental health talk, encouraging members or colleagues to contribute a certain amount to join the session. Finally, you can also consider creating a sub-campaign focused solely on spreading awareness about CAL and inspiring those in your network to support the cause. * CAL will not be responsible for any loss, injury, damage, or liability sustained by individuals participating in activities related to this campaign.
  • My sub-campaign has been approved. What’s next?
    Rally your network, spread the word! Make use of the C4MW templates and captions here.
  • Who can join my sub-campaign?
    All sub-campaigns are open to public - anyone interested in your sub-campaign can choose to hop on the bandwagon and channel their efforts and donations towards your cause.
  • How should I post on social media?
    Please tag us at @CALSingapore using your preferred mode of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn) and use the following hashtags: #C4MW2023 #CAL4MentalWellness. Utilise ready made templates and captions here!
  • Who can I contact if I need assistance?
    Email or send in a direct message via CAL’s Facebook or Instagram page.
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