Devika Panicker

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Devika Panicker is an artist, actress and advocate for sexual assault awareness.  As a volunteer spokesperson with AWARE Singapore, she actively advocates for the removal of stigma surrounding survivors of sexual assault. She shares her journey with others through movements like AimForZero SG and Millennials of Singapore, so as to raise awareness on both the prevalence and prevention of sexual assault.


Her story has also been featured on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, and Our Grandfather Story, amongst others. Her advocacy work has also led to her being invited to speak at the TEDxYouth@Singapore event in September 2019, where she articulated on the importance of practicing empathy in advocacy. 

With a particular flair for the arts, Devika is also a keen painter and dancer who navigates the world with colours and movements.


Having attended and benefited from CAL's C2C Training Programme in 2018, she will be supporting the C4MW campaign by putting her artwork for auction and thereafter submitting all proceeds to the cause.

M E N T A L  W E L L N E S S  C H A M P I O N S

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