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Engaging in Green Exercise: 
Walk with Caregivers and Friends

(1-31 July 2024)
When we engage in green exercise:
  • Our physical and mental wellbeing improve

  • Green spaces + physical activity improve our mood, reduce stress

  • We are connected to others and feel a sense of belonging through activities with families, friends and communities

  • We are choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle while reconnecting with nature

Be a supporter of mental health.png

Before the finale walk, start your own sub-campaign! 

From 1 July to 31 July, walk with your friends or interest group in a park near you:

Step 1
Pledge to walk a certain amount or distance to rally your network and supporters to donate for this cause!
Step 3
Follow our guide to start a sub-campaign on our campaign page
Step 2
Pick a park near your neighbourhood or any scenic routes from NParks
CAL 4 Mental Wellness 2024.png

Join us as we walk with our caregivers and partners:

Step 1
Sign up for the walk here when registration is open, the walk is free!
Step 3
Show up at Gardens by the Bay on 27 July with your event shirt!
Step 2
We encourage you to donate ANY amount to support caregivers.
Donations of $50 and above entitles you to a CAL shirt. Indicate your size here:

If you would like to sponsor CAL shirts for our caregivers, reach out to us at

Support our hidden heroes

The Finale Walk

Date: 27 July 2024

Flag off location:

Gardens by the Bay

More details coming soon!

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