About The Campaign

You Donate $100, Champion Walks 1 km

Based on the idea of “You Donate, We Walk”, every $100 translates to 1 km in walking distance. When you channel your donation to any of the Mental Wellness Champions from the Individual or Team category, your selected Champion will clock the distance that matches the donation amount that you donated (eg $500 = 5km).

The Campaign runs from 5 April – 16 May 2021. Between 5 April and 3 May, donors can pledge their donation to any Champion of their choice. Champions are given 4 weeks to complete their walk starting from Saturday 17 April and ending on Sunday 16 May.

Campaign Goals

  1. Raise at least S$250,000 through digital fundraising to tap on Tote Board’s Enhanced Fund-Raising (EFR) Programme, for dollar-to-dollar matching from the Government.

  2. Raise greater awareness about mental health and CAL’s role in supporting caregivers of persons with mental health issues. This will be achieved through Mental Wellness Champions who will clock the distance to match the amount raised.

  1. Highlight Mental Wellness Champions and their achievements in the mental health arena.

What can I do?

DONATE to support caregivers

Every dollar raised will be used to train and support caregivers of persons with mental health issues.

Our signature C2C Programme has helped more than 5,000 caregivers in the last 9 years, enabling them to benefit from a support network of fellow caregivers and to receive emotional support and help from CAL when facing a crisis.

Your donation will also help us to organize engagement events that encourage caregivers to have a time of respite, find new friends and strengthen their support networks.

Find out about ways to donate here.

REFER caregivers to CAL

There are still many caregivers out there whom we would like to connect with. If you know of any friends, colleagues or relatives who are caregivers, tell them about our Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) training programme and how they might benefit from understanding their loved ones' conditions.

Let's offer a helping hand to our fellow caregivers and let them know that they are not alone in their caregiving journey.

Register for our upcoming classes here.

Hear from our Caregivers here.

ENGAGE CAL for wellness talks

It is important to be informed on the importance of mental wellness. You do not have to be a person with mental health issues or a caregiver to be educated. With our fast-paced environment, there is a strong need for everyone to better care for themselves mentally.

If you are a part of a community or an organisation and keen for your people to gain mental health awareness, please reach out to CAL for lunch-time talks.

Register your interest here.