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Caring for Plants

(6 May - 30 June 2024)

When we care for plants, we're caring for...

  • Caregivers & Persons with Mental Health issues – Through organised talks/workshops and publicity around plant projects, we raise awareness of mental health conditions and greater empathy and support towards caregivers and PMHIs. Participating in community garden projects also improves overall social network and support


  • The environment – Through our campaign, we are doing our small part to increase environmental stewardship. We’re adding more plants to our living spaces, “cleansing” the air we breathe in, and providing a meaningful CSR activity for partners to do good, and be green


  • Ourselves – Through caring and nurturing a plant, we may benefit from improved moods, reduced stress and anxiety. Regular attention to plant care nurtures self-care

Support our hidden heroes

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Watch why plants are like caregivers

Show your support for mental health and the environment.
Adopt-a-plant at these locations:

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Our supporters and events so far:

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