About CAL

Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) is a professional non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to meeting the needs of caregivers of persons with mental health issues through education, support networks, crisis support, tailored services and self-care enablement. While there are other organisations providing support to the community affected by mental health issues, only CAL focuses exclusively on supporting caregivers with professional services.

The focus of this campaign are the caregivers of persons with mental health issues.

We aim to raise awareness of the importance of caregiving.

Join our caregiver training programmes for a better understanding on different mental health issues. Improve your problem-solving and communication skills. Learn coping strategies to walk the recovery journey with your loved one.

Caregivers-to-Caregivers Training Programme

The C2C PMHI Programme is CAL's signature training programme. It is a fully-funded 12-week course for caregivers of Persons with Mental Health Issues (PMHIs) with a more in-depth understanding of mental health conditions, and to enable them to care for their loved ones better through learning about self-care, communication, resilience building, advocacy and available community resources.

Caregivers-to-Caregivers Training Programme

The C2C Dementia Programme is for caregivers of persons with dementia. This fully-funded course runs over 8 weeks, and will teach you how to better care for your loved one with dementia.

Caregivers-to-Caregivers Education Programme for Young Caregivers (C2C-YCG)

CAL has launched a 8-sessions C2C programme for Young Caregivers (C2C-YCG) of Persons with Mental Health Issues (PMHIs). (Age criteria: 15 to 25 years old)

Trauma Informed Care Awareness Talk (1 hour)

This introductory talk explores what a shared understanding of trauma entails, its prevalence in Singapore, and how trauma can be caused by an event like the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants also learn how to identify trauma in children and youth caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Trauma Informed Care Workshop for Parents and Caregivers (4 hours)

This workshop helps parents and caregivers how to integrate trauma informed care into their interactions with children and youths.

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