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Join Us to Support Mental Wellness

CAL 4 Mental Wellness (C4MW) is Caregivers Alliance Limited's annual campaign to promote mental health awareness and caregiving, and raise funds to support and empower mental health caregivers whom we call our ‘Hidden Heroes'.

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1 Cause, 2 Campaigns, 3 Initiatives

Caring for Plants

Plants are like our caregivers. When we understand plants and give them what they need, we can help them grow. Nurturing plants is like the way we support caregivers, and similarly, they their loved ones.

Engaging in Green Exercise

Parks create a serene environment to lower stress levels, where trees and plants purify the air so everyone can be calm yet rejuvenated. Walking in nature, whether mindfully or with friends, has shown to boost mental health.

Support our hidden heroes




Potted plants contributed


Campaign partners


Days to mass walk

Join our mass walk on 27 July!

People in Park

Engage in Green Exercise with our Caregivers

27 July 2024, 8.00am - 10.20am (Registration open)

Active Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

Our Subcampaigns

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Our Campaign Partners

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